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Aug. 24th, 2009


First baby kicks!

Felt Nico kick today... I was laying down, watching tv, & there was a distinct thump on my lower left side! I felt it 2-3 times then I laid my hand there & I felt 6-7 more times.

Today, I *feel* like I'm carrying life & that life is thriving!

20w 1d


Aug. 13th, 2009


We have joined Team...

.....?Collapse )
Baby has all important parts present and accounted for.. :o)

Just wanted to share...

Aug. 1st, 2009


Got a little over zealous..

My boyfriend & I went to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure the other day.. there was a bit of walking but I took frequent breaks, sat near fans/inside and drank a lot of water.. We were there about 8 hours total.

My issue is that my calves are KILLING me.. I dont know if its bc I overdid it OR if I am just not that active usually (work at home with an office-style job).

Either way, can I do anything to alleviate the pain? It feels mostly like mild charlie horses. I dont feel like I overdid it that day and nothing else hurts/feels badly.

Jul. 20th, 2009


Nursery ideas..

We have two rooms avail in our house.. the big roomCollapse ) or the little roomCollapse ).

The "big room" is like 11'x13' with the "little room" only being maybe a foot shorter on both sides. Equal closet space - with the LR having a single window and the BR having a double window. The LR is about 7' from our room while the BR is about 15'.

Right now, the 2 1/2 y/o has the LR when he is in town (10 days a month) and the BR is an office. I want to move J (the toddler) into the BR with a couple new fantastic "big boy/big brother" toys to ease the transition of having a new baby and have the LR for the baby/offc (just with my desk, the boyfriends desk will go into our room). The first 6 mos or so the baby will probably be co-sleeping with us and then I like that I can be right with Bean during the day if I share the space with the baby until the babies a year or better.

We have Expedit shelves from IKEA to help with utilizing smaller spaces AND there is a chance that the toddler would come to live with us permanently instead of with his mom primarily. We have monitors and this crazy video cam thing to keep an eye on the baby & we have an alarm we use overnight so I am not as concerned about safety.

My first question is: should the nursery go in the room closest to us or the one with more space bc it will be nursery/my offc combo?

My next question is more fun: If its a boy, I am really considering using Shel Silverstein's book The Giving TreeCollapse ) as decor. See samples hereCollapse ). What do you think? I have an artistic side so I was going to paint myself. I LOVE the second picture ALOT!

I have no idea for a girl just yet..


EDIT: Ironically my boyfriend asked what the plan was for the rooms just as I was leaving the computer earlier. We have decided to give our toddler the larger room and we are definitely using The Giving Tree as the theme no matter if a boy or a girl. Thank you for all the feedback! :o)

Jul. 18th, 2009


Belly pics.. progression.. slight but there..

its not huge but it will be fun to look back so I am posting anyway!


Couple pics this wayCollapse )

Can't wait to see Bean belly next month!

We had an appt yesterday .. s/he's at 148bpm. My dr has no concern waht-so-ever about my LEEP and cervix so thats good. We get our anatomy scan *next* month! Next month, it seemed so far away before but I think things will double-speed up after.. I can't wait.

Our names are: Sophia Elizabeth or Nicolas Ethan (nn Nico like Nee-ko). I can't wait to give this baby a name.

:::le sigh:::


Jun. 24th, 2009


Yay for our first u/s! 11w 3d

My good friend told me to eat candy or drink a soda before I went to get Bean to be more active & it *totally* worked!

Ultrasound under here!Collapse )

Bean was kicking and throwing punches like crazy.. Thank goodness s/he is only 2" long! haha
My mom said is s/he's so active now what are you going to do at 30w?

Also is there any kind of trend as far as girls tending to have faster heartbeats than boys?

Bean is at 4cm today and 171 bpm.

I am *so* happy...

Jun. 19th, 2009


Update, update! [10w 5d]

Went to the OB today... heard literally 12 secs of heartbeat. Bean is resting real low almost behind my pelvic bone but made a small appearance. They gave us a Build-A-Bear recording thing with the heartbeat on it. She said to bring it back and she'll put the new heartbeat on it each time they do a Doppler.

They ordered an US for next Wednesday to make sure my cervix isn't too short, which is a-ok by me!

Next actual appt is July 17th, 9am... I will be about 15 wks and the heartbeat should be more prominent by then.

Squeee I am so excited!!!

Hope fully by then I would have "popped" a little bit.

Jun. 15th, 2009


Diapers ~ oh the options!

Ok so I am only 10w 1d but I am looking at diapering options already bc there are so many out there!

My inital thought is not to resort to disposables ~ I want to use something more eco-friendly. I am certain at *some* point disposables might appear easier ~ leaving Bean with relatives or long days out doing something. I don't mind a hefty "start-up fee" for cloth or gdiapers to save money long term and also we are hoping to have a second so the reusable factor rocks!

However I am trying to investigate all options first. I know there are cloth diapers ~ there are so many kinds though! Pocket diapers, staight cloth diapers, etc. But I came across a site called eee.gdiapers.com and they seem super easy AND biodegradable within 60 days! (Maybe even 34 days I can't remember right now..) The cloth diapers seem like they could be a little more complicated.. Both cloth & gdiapers have the cutest designs.

So I would LOVE love love feedback from *any* moms who have experience using diapers other than disposables and any more info on the difference in cloth diapers..

Thanks in advance!

PS for more info, go to www.gdiapers.com

May. 27th, 2009


Melt downs.

I am only about 7-8 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing horrible mood swings. Like to the point where I am crying and yelling at my boyfriend over things that can definitely be handled later. I know mood swings are to be anticipated but I am very concerned that I am going to drive my boyfriend away or even worse, affect my pregnancy somehow.

Also most of our stress seems to happen around the time his 2 y/o son comes up for his visitation with his dad - he is usually here the last 10 days of the month.

I work from home so I get cabin fever pretty often. Unfortunately, even though I work from home, I dont have the luxury of walking away from my workstation to take a nap or shower or anything.

The only med I am on is my prenatal vitamins. I am confident this is all hormonal bc I can handle pretty much anything "normally" but this is outrageous. I feel so out-of-control and I need to find a way to manage it.

Any advice is very welcome. I am trying to avoid the antidepressant route even short term.

May. 19th, 2009


The official word is ~ 6w2d today!

Further along than I thought. The average consensus still puts a due about January 11th or 12th.

Here is a pic from about a week ago ~ I know I don't really look pregnant but it will be nice to see the progression anyway!

4-5 weeks

Read more...Collapse )

I am so super stoked now.. Our next appt is June 19th.. we should be able to hear its heartbeat then and just about be out of my first trimester!

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