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August 2009

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Diapers ~ oh the options!

Ok so I am only 10w 1d but I am looking at diapering options already bc there are so many out there!

My inital thought is not to resort to disposables ~ I want to use something more eco-friendly. I am certain at *some* point disposables might appear easier ~ leaving Bean with relatives or long days out doing something. I don't mind a hefty "start-up fee" for cloth or gdiapers to save money long term and also we are hoping to have a second so the reusable factor rocks!

However I am trying to investigate all options first. I know there are cloth diapers ~ there are so many kinds though! Pocket diapers, staight cloth diapers, etc. But I came across a site called eee.gdiapers.com and they seem super easy AND biodegradable within 60 days! (Maybe even 34 days I can't remember right now..) The cloth diapers seem like they could be a little more complicated.. Both cloth & gdiapers have the cutest designs.

So I would LOVE love love feedback from *any* moms who have experience using diapers other than disposables and any more info on the difference in cloth diapers..

Thanks in advance!

PS for more info, go to www.gdiapers.com


sorry i went with disposables, i am somewhat disappointed with myself for that, but you do what you have to do.
Hi new friend!

I haven't tried gdiapers, but have been using cloth on my last 2 children and plan on it again with this new one. I have used mostly pocket diapers. They are not so scary. You can go with the one sized that takes you from birth to potty, but I feel the fit is better to use small or nb for the new baby then use the one size when they out grow the smalls.

On a brand new baby, I really like a flat diaper with a cover. It's not as bulky and plump on their tiny butts. When they start to pee more, I use a fitted with a cover, or switch to the nb/small sized pockets.

I like Fuzzi Bunz, BumGenious 3.0s, and Snap-EZ diapers. I stuff them with either the inserts they come with, or prefolds for night time. Also use microfiber towels from the walmart auto section.

I have tried Thirsties, but it would be better on a little baby than the toddler I used them on... They are a fitted and require a cover.

The only thing to remember as far as washing: no fabric softner!
You DO NOT need to use a wet pail. I throw mine in a laundry basket, but you could use a diaper pail or "wet bag" to contain the smells. When you have enough for a load, you just throw them in. I don't even pull the inserts out, they come out in the wash! Use less detergent than you would for clothes and check the rinse cycle to make sure there aren't a lot of suds in the rinse. I usually do a second rinse or wash them a second time without detergent (2 rinses)

When they are on solid food (like 1 year old or eating meats) you may need to scrape the solid poop before putting the diaper in the pail. You can use popsickle sticks for this, I just grab it with toilet paper.