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August 2009



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May. 14th, 2009


Today is different..

I *definitely* feel pregnant today.. welcome to the sick phase?

Just over 4 days til our appointment..

May. 12th, 2009


I am feeling strangely..

not pregnant today.

No weird flutters or cramps today. My appetite is up some.

But no apparent reason to think anything is wrong.

Wonder whats going on inside?
6 days and counting down til we get some more firm news from the doctor.

:::PAUSE::: for information's sake: Juan is my boyfriend (the baby daddy haha) & Javier is his son. Javi just turned 2 y/o late-January.


I went on Amazon and bought Javi a bunch of books so when we redecorate his "big boy" room - he'll have some cool new things to make him feel special. He'll just about be 3 when the baby gets here.

And we want to get him this..


All right I must work.....

May. 11th, 2009


Baby Miranda: Weeks 3-4

My weight: 153.8

Symptoms:  Boobs are getting bigger, they've been sore for a couple weeks.  
                       Very warm - I feel flush all day.  
                       Always thirsty - drinking like a fish!
                       I'm eating but not like crazy - I feel like I have the eternal lump in my throat so I don't really feel like eating too much.

Looking forward to that first appt. on May 18th!  Also I found out today that my dr has the 3D ultrasound machine in the office!   


One more person..

Most the important people have been advised of our newly discovered pregnancy... Only one left... My sister. I am concerned bc we have always silently competed & there has always been a little jealousy. The biggest obstacle is the fact that she is a bit older than me (7 years to be exact) and has medical issues which may deny her the chance to bear children. I think this will be an issue. I hope it goes more smoothly than I expect it to.  We'll see.

EDIT: She responded as expected - you could hear the hurt in her voice almost immediately.  Her blaise response made me sad for her and I know exactly why.  We spoke this morning for a little while.  I think she understands why we didn't want to wait to tell her and also I understand better why she was so upset.  We have found our common ground I think.


The beginning...

I have been sworn to secrecy until early July but I have so many thoughts running through my head so I am going to dump them here. Those of you who are friends of mine on other networking sites, consider yourself lucky bc you get to read the news here when we aren't announcing it anywhere else until July. So lets chat on here about it but be discreet anywhere else. Thanks!

On May 6th, on a whim, I took a home pregnancy test. It came back positive. I told Juan (my boyfriend) immediately and he told me to go to the store to buy the 3-pack of digital tests. I took one of those tests & sure as can be, it came back positive. We not-so-subtlely celebrated for a few minutes. Relishing in the fact that our efforts paid off and we have indeed procreated. The next morning I called my dr & made an appt for Friday morning to confirm the news. Went in & she entered my little room stating "Congratulations!" So there we go - a medical professional has concured that we are indeed pregnant. She estimates our due date around Januray 12th. She referred me to a
OB doctor & I go to him on May 18th.

It is absolutely bizarre to me bc I have always been the crazy-color hair, rebellious, draw-outside-the-lines kinda girl. I have tamed down some but I am far from traditional. It is still so unreal to me. But I am going to do everything I can to stay healthy and calm for this baby. It is what I have wanted for so long and we are definitely happy it is happened.

I guess by the numbers I am only about 3-4 weeks? I took a pregnancy test on April 24th and it came back negative so it could be as little as 2 weeks. From here forward, I am going to attempt to keep a pregnancy journal on here. Here goes nothing..

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